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Saturday Sessions


14:00 - 23:00


Sessions can and do happen anywhere.

There will be some hosted sessions:

  • No 44 - 2pm - 4 pm Cabrach & Friends
  • Queens Hotel - 9p-11pm with members of Cabrach/Ruach

In 2024 we have a few changes from our regular session venues, we hope this gives an idea of friendly pubs where you can go to go for a song or a tune. Note most pubs also rely on their Restaurant trade as well as serving drinks, so please be reasonable when finding a space, there should be room for everyone. Most pubs have 1 o'clock licenses, please respect the bar staff when they shout "last Orders" - they mean it.

  • The Market Bar
  • No 44 (The Royal)
  • Troopers
  • The Queens
  • The Ship
  • The Marine
  • or try the harbour wall on a sunny day



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