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Guestbook Entries

I cannot believe it is 21 years since we first met in the "Crown" and planned number 1. Do you remember that we only had 4 Fresnells and the best we could do was a blue backwash overimposed with a St. Andrew X? and that was the finale? 
Remember the mysteriously disappearing on-stage boat? 
No-one could work out how we managed to get the mast up? 
Best wishes for you all - I wish I could be with you - it was so much fun. 

To the current Technical Director - beat me at my own game - and make me proud. 

Brian Moffat (Technical Director No. 1) 
Stonehaven Folk Festival 

Brian Moffat
November 1, 2009

hey i am captin awesome fae captin awesome and the cool crew and i am only 13 years old. we have been busking the last few nights and we jammed at the aqua ceileidh. we had a really good time. we hope to do more next year. and a big thankyou to all the organisers

captin awesome
July 12, 2009

Fantastic to have Barbara Dickson at the festival. Magical live artist and now - with a return to her folk roots - making some of the best music of her career. 

January 15, 2008

hi, from nordenham/ (northern) germany, 
we, my scotish friends (thx Ken, thx Ken, thx Grace) went to stonehavenfolk festival 2006 quite spontanioully, i didn´t knew what to come. 
what i found? 
a really warm welcome from peoples i´ve never met before ( specially the young butcher, he sold the sandwiches)an the jaegermeister, we drank outside the hotel. 
what i found most impressive was the peaceful atmosphere at stonehavenduring the festival, specially on sunday at the harbour. 
i´ve really enjoyed it and i´ll be back next year. 
looking forward... 

November 9, 2006

Who is Mike Peters you ask? I did mean Eddie Walker, silly me! So I am old but I will be there next year. 

Best wishes 


Michael Rosedale
August 5, 2006

Congratulations on another fine selection of performers and Festival. 

Mike Peters was excellent with his playing and song, plus his added musical research gave a new focus for us. 

Vin garbutt singing and his antedotal humour had the audiance in "stitches" and calling for more 

We did feel that he second part of the Blues concert a little too loud for the size of room, but never the less enjoyable. 

We only saw The New Rope String Band in the Market square and wished we had tickets for there earlier perfomance. 

Well done again, from all eight of us, reserve nine tickets for us in 2007, see you all there 


Michael Rosedale
August 5, 2006

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